Industry Programmes

The Music Industry Technical Camp 2017

I. Overview


The Music Business Technical Camp is the only programme of its kind in the Caribbean. The programme is a free six week intensive programme of study for music practitioners in the technical and business management aspects of the music industry. The programme is designed to develop the specialist business skills required to establish and manage independent production and music management outfits such as: Live and studio sound companies, music management firms, music marketing agencies and a variety of community music organisations such as Steelbands, Chutney and Calypso tents. Typical workshop participants would be those who are currently operating home studio operations, persons skilled in traditional business management but wish to acquire music management competencies, as well as others who wish to undertake outreach work in the community, for example, professional musicians, steelband captains, arrangers, calypsonians and chutney artistes who want to develop in this area but do not necessarily want to move into a formal teaching environment.


The Music Business Technical Camp has been developed:

· To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future practise in their respective organisations.

· To support aspiring local music entrepreneurs in a pervasive competitive and business like industry.

· To provide opportunities for participants to focus on the development of higher level industry relevant skills.


II. Programme Content 

Module I: Managing in the Music Business (40 Hrs.)

Principles of copyright and royalties, current distribution mechanisms and different forms of copyright infringement, in particular the implications of cyberspace are explored in this module. On completion of this module, learners will:

1. Understand the principles of copyright and royalties (Elementary copyright law, Music Publishing and Licensing, Performing rights Organisations [COTT, TTCO, AWESOME], Copyright Infringement, Contracts)

2.     Comprehend the roles and responsibilities of music business organisations and representatives. 

3.   Understand how music businesses work (Elementary Financial Accounting, Access to Finance, Marketing and Digital Marketing Tools)

4.     Be able to create a music marketing and publicity plan


Module II: The Home Studio Masterclass (35 Hrs.)

This module aims to enable participants to produce recordings to professional standards by developing their practical and theoretical skills. It is delivered through a series of lectures and Masterclasses by the Producer in Residence, Ato Williams. On completion of this module, learners will:

1.   Understand sound production within contemporary music making (Digital Audio Workstation Design and Operations, Sequencers, Studio Recording and Production Techniques)

2.    Apply recording practice and technique to music creation (Microphones, Multi-tracking, Editing and Mixdown, Basic Mastering)

3.     Be able to create a music composition using a software sequencing application (Composition: Form and arrangement)


Module III: Personal and Professional Development of Music Industry Executives (15 Hrs.)

This module addresses the essential soft skills of good manners and character development which are critical for creating a culture of strong and effective leadership in the music industry.

On completion of this module, learners will:

1. Understand business protocol and etiquette (dress and communication, conduct at social events, attending meetings and relating to dignitaries)

2.  Be able to Manage Egos and Conflict in the Entertainment Industry (Conflict resolution, Playing to the egos of ‘arrogant’ industry stakeholders)

3.  Good Governance Standards and Ethics for music professionals. (Obscenity and profanity in music, treatment of artists, Conflicts of interests) 

Venue: DianJen Center For Music Industry Excellence- 27 Harmony Hall Road, Gasparillo

Duration: July 22nd- September 3rd 2017

Meeting Times: EVERY Saturday 9AM- 12 Noon IN ADDITION TO Mondays AND Wednesdays 5-8 PM.

Cost: FREE!!

Click the following Link to Sign Up (Do Not Use the Sign-Up Form if You Are Unable to Attend or Cannot Commit to the Intensity of the Programme):