Industry Programmes

Producing the Record

This Programme is designed to provide fundamental training in Sound Recording and Music Production to those wishing to enter the field of Sound Recording and Music Production. It also targets those already operating in the field, but are desirous of grasping the theoretical underpinnings to improve their practice and gain regionally recognized certification.

Course Content:      

  • Fundamentals of Acoustics
  • Connectors and Cables Design
  • Microphone Theory and Techniques
  • Mixing Console Design and Operation
  • Audio Processing Tools and Techniques
  • Composing with MIDI
  • Fundamentals of Digital Audio
  • Recording Caribbean Music
  • Editing and Mixing Digital Audio
  • Introduction to Live Sound
  • Creative Enterprise Management  

36 Contact Hours

Programme Begins: 6th February 2018

Every Tues: 5:30 PM-8:00 PM

Cost: $1850.00 (Ask About our Payment Plans) 

Certification Fee: $1500.00 (Certification is optional. This fee covers assessment of participants for award of the CVQ Level 2 Certification in Recording Engineering and Music Production- Two Separate Awards)  

Use this link to Pre-Register, (Do NOT Use the Link if you cannot attend!): Pre Registration Form

N.B- Space is very limited! Participants MUST have their own personal computers (PC or Mac) with their software of choice installed. We can also provide advice to those now starting out in the field on which software they should select. Participants should also have access to a reliable internet connection at home for completion of significant online work.