Industry Programmes

I. Course Aims and Outcomes: 


The Rhythm and Chords Music Programme is our termly programme in Music Performance for children aged 6+ as well as Adults. Instruction is provided to beginners as well as experienced musicians wishing to improve their skills or become certified. 

Specific Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will:

·        Explain fundamental music theory concepts, without assistance.

·        Perform various musical genres at a level judged satisfactory by the instructor.

·        Demonstrate appropriate performance technique, with instructor assistance.

·        Perform musical compositions consistent with their level of proficiency on their 

         respective instruments. 

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This Programme is designed to provide fundamental training in Sound Recording and Music Production to those wishing to enter the field of Sound Recording and Music Production. It also targets those already operating in the field, but are desirous of grasping the theoretical underpinnings to improve their practice and gain recognized certification.

Course Content:      

  • Fundamentals of Acoustics
  • Connectors and Cables Design
  • Microphone Theory and Techniques
  • Mixing Console Design and Operation
  • Audio Processing Tools and Techniques
  • Composing with MIDI
  • Fundamentals of Digital Audio
  • Recording Caribbean Music
  • Editing and Mixing Digital Audio
  • Introduction to Live Sound
  • Creative Enterprise Management
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I. Overview


The Music Business Technical Camp is the only programme of its kind in the Caribbean. The programme is a free six week intensive programme of study for music practitioners in the technical and business management aspects of the music industry. The programme is designed to develop the specialist business skills required to establish and manage independent production and music management outfits such as: Live and studio sound companies, music management firms, music marketing agencies and a variety of community music organisations such as Steelbands, Chutney and Calypso tents. Typical workshop participants would be those who are currently operating home studio operations, persons skilled in traditional business management but wish to acquire music management competencies, as well as others who wish to undertake outreach work in the community, for example, professional musicians, steelband captains, arrangers, calypsonians and chutney artistes who want to develop in this area but do not necessarily want to move into a formal teaching environment.


The Music Business Technical Camp has been developed:

· To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future practise in their respective organisations.

· To support aspiring local music entrepreneurs in a pervasive competitive and business like industry.

· To provide opportunities for participants to focus on the development of higher level industry relevant skills.


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This Programme provides fundamental training in Live Sound Engineering techniques to persons just starting out in the field, as well as those already operating in the sector; but are desirous of gaining a solid knowledge of the relevant theory and practical applications. Ideal participants include:  Music Producers, Disc Jockeys (DJs), Audio Equipment Sales Agents, Houses of Worship Sound Technicians and General Enthusiasts.       

Course Content: 

  • Overview of the Live Sound Signal Chain
  • Microphones- Selection, Types and Techniques
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Mixing Consoles- Form, Function and Connections
  • Speakers and Amplifiers
  • Signal Processing and Effects in Live Settings
  • Getting the right sound from your instruments
  • Designing your ideal Sound System
  • Live Mixing Techniques
  • Entrepreneurship for Live Sound Engineers
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