Recording Studio

Production Services

The process of turning a creative spark into a final product takes commitment, talent, marketing strategy and finance. At the DianJen Media Company we understand all of these elements that are essential to a successful product. We focus on retaining professional staff that are highly knowledgeable of the music production and distribution processes and we undertake constant upgrades of our equipment to ensure that our clients benefit from cutting edge and international industry standard digital production tools and best practices. Our facility is equipped with a control room acoustically treated by Bextronics and spacious live room facility capable of recording full bands. 

Music Mixing

We pride ourselves on our music mixing and mastering prowess.  We commence the mixing process after the artist’s and songwriter’s ideas have been recorded, assembled and edited and then arrange the tracks in their final media forms by combining audio, MIDI and effects tracks into a pleasing form that makes use of tools such as level, spatial positioning and equalization among others. This allows us to present the highest quality of digital audio mixing to our clients. 



As it relates to our mastering expertise on the other hand, we aim to give our clients their desired ‘sound’. Mastering is the last phase of the recording process and involves decisions such as selecting the proper order that songs should appear on a record as well as applying level changes to balance the relative track levels and improve the overall ‘feel’ of the project. We honour the music and carefully apply EQ and dynamics processing to create a result that matches our clients’ vision.

Digital Distribution

Our international partnerships enable us to distribute your music to over one hundred (100) digital music outlets. These include iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Digital in the United States. Now you have the means for your album to be distributed across the world while you collect additional master and mechanical royalties. Contact us today!