Music School

Keyboard Studies

Our music education arm provides practical training in digital keyboard performance that can make our students marketable performers in the future. Students will study a variety of popular music styles including: R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop, Soca and Calypso and will pursue in- depth coverage of:    

  • The history and development of various styles
  • Performance style and stage presence
  • Technique and Interpretation
  • Chord Voicings and Rhythmic Concepts
  • London Theory and Practical Examinations
  • Instruments are Provided!

Guitar Studies

Our guitar tutors are highly qualified and experienced. Each takes a practical approach to teaching the instrument and places emphasis on instruction that enables students to begin playing pieces from their first lesson. A typical range of topics covered include:  

  • Various picking and plucking techniques
  • Technical excercises and development
  • Chord formation
  • Stage performance
  • Electric guitar technology
  • Instruments are Provided!

Drum Set Studies

The Drum Set is one of the most attractive instruments to prospective students. Our tutors work on building confidence and technique in each of our students through a series of intensive sessions that cover topics inclusive of:          

  •             Rhythmic stability and strokes
  • Various beats and patterns
  • Fills and hi- hat variations
  • Study of acoustic and electronic drum technology
  • Instruments are Provided!