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In recent years, copyright issues have featured prominently on our national Carnival landscape. Topical debates have included: the unauthorized use of musical samples, masqueraders ability to post their photos to social media outlets and most recently the acquisition of appropriate licenses from representative organisations by event promoters and photographers. At the heart of these issues is an apparent lack of understanding of the copyright construct by potential rights users and some organisations which seem intent on maintaining this confusion through continued dissemination of misinformation.

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Like its people, the music of the Caribbean is uniquely diverse and comprised of a plethora of genres. From Reggae and Calypso to Zouk and Salsa, the quality of the region’s musical offerings reflects the vitality of its people and the warmth of its blue surrounding waters. Owing to the fact that the region is a constituent of the global music industry, which continues on a path of pervasive innovation, Caribbean music entrepreneurs must derive new models for the exploitation of rights and monetization of content. To effectively undertake this task, there must be a clear understanding of the required licenses, key stakeholder organizations and the processes involved in obtaining such licenses.

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